Why the written word is still important

By Morgan Lee, Storyteller & Wordsmith Pardon my trip down nostalgia lane, but I remember a time when I eagerly picked over the bones of Saturday’s college football games in the Sunday morning paper. Even if I attended a particular showdown, it was almost as if it did not count […]

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The 2021 Sales Funnel

By Matt Dubnik, Chief Engagement Officer The sales funnel. The sales process. Widen the funnel. Track the conversion. Feel the bottom-line impact. Each of these phrases is basically saying the same thing: show me the money. Undoubtedly, that is how most business owners think. They believe, “If I do X, […]

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Mission Control

By Brooke Burt, Creative Strategist The house is quiet. This morning, for the first time in almost 170 days, neighborhood kids, including mine, headed out the door to start in-person school. With charged laptops, a little anxiety (okay, a ton) and masks up, they bravely took their first steps clad […]

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Hall County adopts new logo, slogan

GAINESVILLE – A new logo and a new slogan for Hall County were unveiled at Thursday night’s Board of Commissioners meeting. “Logo” is a word with its roots in the Greek language, meaning “word”. But in English its meaning is much more expansive. A logo, in English, has come to […]

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