What’s your story? For many of us, it’s where we came from, how we were raised, who our parents are and how we spent the late nights and early mornings of our youth. It’s finding our first job, our first love, or the dream that launches us right into the vortex of life.

Our story is what makes us human.

And brands are much like humans. Not one is the same. From the twelfth story of a skyscraper, to the small studio down the street, every brand has a story. It’s more than an intricate logo, a perfectly crafted mission statement or a website with the most complex HTML5 coding. It’s where they came from – or better yet, where they’ve been – the first dollar they made, the long nights they worked, the parents and friends who cheered them on along the way. It’s a smell, a smile and a handshake. It’s a dream – not deferred but completely tangible. It’s personal and it’s made my humans.

Here’s how showing the personal side of a brand works: it allows people to see a brand in a new way. It catches the attention of an audience who is now numbed to normal commercials and advertisements. By showing that they aren’t just trying to sell something, uncovering the personal side of a brand enables it to become more intriguing and relatable. Believe it or not, while not one person on the earth is the same, we do have one common denominator – we’re all human. That’s why it’s important to humanize your brand and make sure it’s something that everyone can relate to, and wrap their mind around. While the value of showing personality may not be immediately evident, it inevitably increases the lifetime value of the brand and the number of valuable relationships a brand is able to build.

So, maybe it’s worth sitting down, putting a pen to paper and recounting the glory days and the future happily ever afters of your business of company. That way, you can tell anyone what your brand’s story is all about.