GAINESVILLE – A new logo and a new slogan for Hall County were unveiled at Thursday night’s Board of Commissioners meeting.

“Logo” is a word with its roots in the Greek language, meaning “word”. But in English its meaning is much more expansive. A logo, in English, has come to mean an expression of who you are and what you are about; a complete sentence that conveys your identity.

“It was very important for us in this process to begin with citizen and employee input,” Hall County Public Information Officer Katie Crumley said as she addressed Commissioners. “We felt like that would result in the best end product… representative of a large cross section of Hall County… truly a grass roots effort.”

A survey was circulated, which led to a pair of focus group meetings: one for citizens and one for County employees.

“That was a wonderful process where we got to spend an hour or two with these two groups, formulating our ideas for the direction of the new logo and slogan,” Crumley added.

The County brought in Forum Communications of Gainesville as creative consultants to help develop the final product.

“We spent the next several months combing through these survey responses and focus groups with them,” Crumley said.

Crumley then displayed the new logo (see photo) and slogan (“We have it all in Hall.”) on the overhead monitors, explaining that each design element highlights the distinctive characteristics of Hall County.

“The blue streaks at the bottom represent Lake Lanier…the green arc is a nod to the county’s prime location at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and pays tribute to the lush green landscape of Hall County’s agricultural community.”

“The sun is also an important component,” Crumley continued. “It’s a rising sun; we placed it purposely on the eastern side or the right side. We feel like Hall County is a place of growth and progress and it is rising in the state.”

The rays being emitted by the sun are shaped like mechanical cogs, acknowledging the county’s growing industrial presence.

Hall County Administrator Randy Knighton said, “The mechanical cogs seen on the outside of the sun also pay tribute to the fact that Hall County is moving forward in all of these areas and will continue to grow and thrive in the future.”

“We are excited to brand Hall County with an innovative, modern design that represents the growth and progress that exists here and also represents this area’s natural resources,” said Hall County Commission Chairman Richard Mecum.

Crumley pointed out that the Hall County seal, which had been the county’s logo, will remain Hall County’s official seal to authenticate official documents.

“Over the next couple of months you’ll see this roll out on Hall County vehicles, business cards, letterheads,” Crumley offered.

The new logo and slogan are part of a rebranding effort announced by Hall County officials in 2013. Ahead, according to county officials, are a redesigned website and the release of a Hall County promotional video.

Original article published by, and courtesy of, and author Marc Eggers.