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ADA Compliance and Your Website

by Andrea Hutcherson, senior developer ADA Compliance The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) generally requires that qualified individuals with disabilities have equal access to programs, services, or activities. Having a modern website that is compliant with such laws and best practices is now expected. What does that mean and how […]

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Brands are more than logos.

by Nick Kastner, director of brand and digital strategy One of the biggest and most impactful things any organization has is its brand. And, its often misunderstood. Even the dictionary doesn’t understand brand. In a quick Google search, you can find the definition of a brand from the Oxford dictionary […]

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Relationships STILL matter.

by Katie Dubnik, President So often in our industry, clients come to us laser focused on what we can do to help them drive new business, new clients, and new leads. While driving the “new” does have a place, we must not forget the value of your existing customers. It […]

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A dot is a lot – small changes teach us

by Brooke Burt, Creative Strategist I really haven’t known many people who have said that they love change. Change, to most, is something to be avoided and maybe even something to be feared. From changing careers to changing habits, some people would rather stay in a stagnant position because it’s […]

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Kicking the Tires of your Website

by Matt Dubnik, Chief Engagement Officer Nearly two out of three visits to the Internet in the United States come via a mobile device. That should shock absolutely no one. However, it should cause you to give pause and think about how people interact with your website. Your digital presence, […]

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