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3 Major Strategies on How to Rank in Google Maps

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by Nick Kastner, Director of Brand and Digital Strategy Since I took my first job in marketing in 2002, marketers have been trying to figure out how to improve their company’s, client’s or organization’s rankings in search engines – particularly Google. Today, increasing your rankings in Google – and particularly […]

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Thoughts on COVID-19

  by Nick Kastner, Director of Brand & Digital Strategy I don’t think any of us could have anticipated the next recession being caused by a global pandemic. Now, we can’t say we weren’t warned. In a TEDTalk in 2015, Bill Gates discussed the risk if an epidemic and how […]

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Email Development Tips and Tricks

by Andrea Hutcherson, senior developer Email marketing is still an extremely popular – and effective – tool for communicating with loyal customers as well as staying in contact with potential prospects. Actually, 80% of marketers claim email is best for customer acquisition. Even further, email marketing statistically has a $44 […]

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Design as a Home

by Elizabeth Brill, Graphic Designer As a new homeowner, lately my mind has been inundated with ideas for decorating my house; paint colors, artwork, furniture, and décor ideas are constantly popping into my head (and onto my Pinterest board). For me, getting the look of my house just right is […]

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