Good Cheer

The need for relaxation

It’s a busy world out there. We all contribute to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But it hasn’t always been that way. Prior generations commonly use the phrase “simpler times” when referring to days gone by. But what does this really mean? What are simpler times? Was the […]

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The Forum Team Grows Again

Here at Forum nothing excites us more than working with good people, whether our amazing clients who are doing good work or our amazing in-house creative team who are working hard for our clients day in and day out. So when we add another team member, we relish the opportunity […]

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Angie Wordsmith…I mean Highsmith!

Angie Highsmith joined the team in June 2014 as our first Creative Strategist and Chief Wordsmith! Armed with a passion for words and a love for what we do, she set off helping clients find their voice in a crowded marketplace. Angie has not only been a vital member of […]

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Hooked at the Roots

The power of words is unbelievable, isn’t it? As a parent, I strive every day to teach my children the power of their words; as a friend, I have learned that the right words at the right time can be life-altering; and as a creative writer, I know that a […]

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How the Girl Scouts Got it Right

I was never a Girl Scout, but I am telling you what, I should be made an honorary one for the amount of Samoas, Thin Mints and Do-si-dos cookies I have consumed over my lifetime. I was thinking about it and from a basic economics standpoint, they’ve got it all […]

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Helping Challenged Children Find their Voice

This year, Forum was asked to help decorate a tree for Challenged Child & Friends’ Festival of Trees annual fundraiser. Held on December 6, hundreds of community members gathered in support of an organization whose mission is to serve children with disabilities and their typical peers through state-of-the-art educational, therapeutic, […]

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