Katie Dubnik


Katie is our visionary and connector. She fearlessly leads the Forum team from both a business standpoint and a marketing direction standpoint. With a degree in marketing and two masters degrees in both Business Administration and Health Administration, Katie is certainly qualified to run a company. Her can-do attitude and pragmatic approach to life, make it easy to see how she was driven and able to build Forum from scratch. Katie serves as the connection between new clients and new projects and the connection between passionate people and life-changing work. No matter the circumstance, Katie is the driving force behind it all.

As the president and founder of Forum Communications, Katie not only helps lead numerous client engagements, but also guides and enables the team at Forum to continually build our business around a set of strong core principles and an unwavering dedication to helping others find their voice in a crowded marketplace. In her additional responsibilities and role as account executive, Katie manages and implements strategic marketing plans, and strategic planning/branding activities for clients of all shapes and sizes. She tackles a variety of tasks from complex marketing strategies targeting multiple consumer personas, to helping a client discover their brand identity, to developing a brand, mission and vision of an organization from the ground up.

Visionary. Encourager. Lover of show tunes.