By Nick Kastner, Director of Brand and Digital Strategy

Siri has my business number wrong. What do I do?

Your customer is on the road and asks Siri to call your office. However, when they dial the number, they reach an old disconnected number (or even a number of your competitor!). Your customer later calls you by looking up the number via Google, and you find that – well – the number that Siri has listed is incorrect.While this isn’t a problem we run into often, it does unfortunately happen. So how do you fix this?Well, in 2015 (it’s been a while) Tim Cook vowed to fix Apple Maps – which at the time was a terrible mapping system with incorrect data and lots of incorrect directions. To help with this, they developed Maps Connect.
What is Apple Maps Connect?

Just like Google My Business, Apple Maps Connect is the tool that allows your business to “manage” your Apple Maps listing. This is important because Siri relies on that information to provide the user information on locations, contact numbers and more. To use the platform, visit and log in with an Apple ID. We would recommend that this be your work-related or business-related Apple ID.
How do I fix the number?

First you’ll be prompted to either add a new business page or you can claim ownership by stating if you are the business owner or authorized by the business owner to manage the profile. Once verified – which can happen virtually or require a mailing or direct phone call similar to Google My Business – you can take ownership of the account and correct any business details that may be incorrect. This can include Business Name, Primary Business Phone Number, Business Address, Hours of Operation, Website, Social Media Accounts, and so on.Once verified and set, this should fix the issue with Siri.With that said, we would also recommend that you review any other websites, platforms or accounts that you may have that would include your business phone number. If the information in Apple Maps is not present, Apple (and Siri) will scour the web and pull information from places like Bing or Google to populate the Apple Map – and therefore what phone number should appear for your business. If any of them are incorrect, then there is a chance that Siri’s voice search will be incorrect as well.

I need help.

No worries – Forum’s marketing team is always willing to help. Apple Maps listings are just one small part of the services we provide to our clients. Contact us today to see how Forum can help you with all of your marketing needs. We specialize in working with small to medium-sized businesses and non-profits based in the Southeastern US. Hope to speak soon!