Brooke Burt

Marketing & Account Intern

As a marketing/account intern, Brooke gets to learn about and have a hand in all the ways Forum can help clients create dynamic and impactful messaging for their organization. With a Bachelors in English and a Masters in English and education, plus almost twenty years of classroom experience, Brooke understands the importance of the written and spoken word and how communication makes all the difference in reaching an audience and making a lasting impression.

Brooke enjoys working with and contributing to the team from the beginning stages of the marketing process to the final launch of a website and appreciates the results that collaborative efforts between clients and team members can have on an outcome. Detail-oriented and thrilled by new challenges, she believes in listening to understand and uses that skill to help envision and relay what clients believe or dream for their organization in to quality content that will reach the community.

Teacher. Advocate. Lover of a rainy day and a good book.