by Brooke Burt, Creative Strategist

I really haven’t known many people who have said that they love change. Change, to most, is something to be avoided and maybe even something to be feared. From changing careers to changing habits, some people would rather stay in a stagnant position because it’s safe. Change takes bravery. But most of the time implementing change isn’t doing something big. It’s instead numerous small steps that can add up to progress in your life…and in your business.

In life, big progress can come from making a multitude of smaller changes. Want to get healthier? Implement small changes in a workout regimen. Start walking before you start running. You wouldn’t forge straight into a marathon. You would start with a 5k and go from there. Cut out one unhealthy thing in your diet and go a couple of weeks before cutting out another. And never try to start this process on a holiday. Just try a regular Tuesday. Want to change careers? Start by taking a class or branch out with a short-term internship. Set up a lunch meeting and get advice from someone you admire in the profession you’re curious about. Arrange a coffee date with an expert in the field. It’s an hour of your time that can provide a wealth of insight. Want to be more engaged in your relationships? Start with an intentional time in your day to text or call one person who means something to you. Set aside face-to-face time when you would have otherwise been face-to-screen. The road to success is paved in small changes implemented over time.

Maybe the way you market your business isn’t seeing the same results it once did. In marketing, just like life, you may need to implement a set of smaller changes to start seeing more progress. The problem is knowing where to start and how to get the results you desire (or even to understand what those results are!). Collaboration can help with this. Just as you seek a personal trainer or nutritionist for healthy lifestyle changes, you can reach out to a local marketing expert to shakes things up a bit, even if those changes are small. Two plate magnets will resist coming together until you flip one over. Maybe all your business needs is a little “flip.” It’s taking that first step to find out what the “flip” may be in your case.

When I’m not working my day job, I am a yoga instructor. In class, when I see regulars going for the same depth in a strength position, I ask them, “Could you go for just a quarter inch more?” It may not seem like much, but a quarter inch can add up over time to a whole new level of strength. We overcomplicate things far too often, when a simple alteration would suffice. Just remember what your kindergarten teacher said during art projects: “A dot is a lot”. Sometimes you don’t need the whole bottle of glue when a dot will do.