There is no definition of this word in any dictionary we can find. But it’s a phrase we use on a daily basis. What it means to us is that we work diligently every day to track anything and everything related to our marketing efforts.

When you invest resources on marketing, advertising and communication, you want to know what is working and how it impacts the bottom line. Trackability is a reference to finding effective ways to show ROI on key performance indicators. As the old saying goes, “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”.

Being engaged with your core customer is paramount to success, including knowing what they do, when they do it and how they interact with your brand. We utilize specialized tools that help us track our efforts on your behalf. From email marketing, social media, website activity, organic search ranking, press releases, print and digital ads…everything needs to be tracked. That’s where our team of industry experts goes to work for you. We report on everything we do so that we can assess, refine, adjust and move forward with more of “what works”.

While some efforts yield greater results than others, we want to make sure everything is measured. Too often we hear “I don’t if what I’m doing is working or not”, at which point we begin a process of understanding why this is the case. We utilize phone call tracking to determine who is calling and what they’re calling about; we can even give you recorded records of the conversation. We employ custom URL tracking to make sure that all digital efforts, and some offline efforts, are tracked and recorded for maximum accuracy. Additionally, we work with your team to determine the best way to report data to you so that it can better your business and increase customers.

If you’re not tracking any marketing endeavors, you may be missing out on necessary data needed to grow. Let us go to work for you, in everything you do.