Regina McCormick

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

From the time Regina was old enough to hold a pencil, she’s been drawing, painting, and creating. She remembers solving design challenges at a very early age, and this creative persistence naturally led her to a lifelong commitment and fascination with design and its many rewarding challenges. Regina knows that design must encompass not only her own connection to an idea but must consider all stakeholders who would engage with that client or product.

Problem-solving has always been at the forefront of her existence. Regina excels in color pairing and knowing when to shake up the status quo. She loves to ask why, and how can we make it better? She’s a graduate of Piedmont University and brings a lifetime of creative thinking and 17 years of brand management, design, and marketing experience to Forum.

Regina recently moved from north Georgia to northern Virginia with her husband, Tyler, also a designer. She has a teenage son and two big, furry roommates of the K-9 variety. Though she enjoys the experience that travel brings, she considers north Georgia to be her home base and one of the most beautiful regions in the country.



Philosophizer. List maker. Doodler. Lover of Star Trek, road trips, and Phở.