Kathryn Price

Creative Director

Professional Headshot of Kathryn Price

Kathryn is our in-house creative scholar, in charge of designing beautiful things. She is a graduate of UGA’s Lamar Dodd School of Art. Kathryn recognizes just how much details matter. In fact, for Kathryn, that attention to detail is what separates good design work from great design work. Even when she’s given a big, jumbled idea, Kathryn is able to produce an impressive design that is meticulously crafted to be an exceptional representation of a brand. A huge plus, and a rarity among the creative type, is that Kathryn never creates a piece or a concept without strategic reasoning. In short, she understands strategy. This ensures that her creations and visuals are not simply eye-catching, they are also effective.

As creative director, Kathryn works in concert with clients and the Forum team to produce marketable solutions to all design and creative needs. Whether it be conceiving or developing logos or extensive print campaigns, she delivers a masterpiece. The best part about having Kathryn on the team is that she has a deep understanding and passion for color/space relationships, typography, design programs and print production techniques – all things that make what might ordinarily be a regular, old promotion piece “pop.”

Detailed. Designer. Lover of Diet Dr. Pepper.

Art is an Invitation

Kathryn PriceJuly 21, 2022
Have you seen some good art recently? When’s the last time you browsed an art museum? Have you ever toured a city to see what kind of public art...
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