Josh Syler

Digital Analyst

As digital analyst, Josh helps clients solve digital problems using analytics and intuition. In his role, Josh implements digital strategies for Forum clients while analyzing data collected from those efforts. Josh is Forum’s resident digital media buyer and is becoming Forum’s guru for all things data. Josh earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Truett McConnell University in May 2020.

He began his career during the pandemic as a telecommunications and audio-visual technician at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters where he overcame technological hurdles in communication. Working closely with researchers and health analysts, Josh developed a broad understanding of the needs of the healthcare and public health industries.

In addition to his work as a technician, Josh regularly worked with clients to troubleshoot systems and eliminate distractions. He has a passion for problem solving and attention to detail, and his education combined with his experience gives him a unique skillset.

Problem solver. Guitar fanatic. Dog dad.