Glen Kyle

Account Manager & Resident Historian

After running a history museum for fifteen years, Glen decided that he was looking for a change, followed his heart, and landed with the team at Forum Communications. Glen’s skills as a historian, surprisingly, translate perfectly to meet client needs: asking the right questions, doing the detailed research, and then developing a well-thought-out synthesis that, when passionately shared, fosters a message that not only informs but can change lives. Additionally, the experiences of leading a non-profit have given him the skills in strategic planning, personal relationship development, and public communication to understand the needs of businesses and the importance of their place in the community.

Glen earned his Bachelor and Master degrees in history from the University of North Georgia, where he continues to serve as an award-winning adjunct instructor for the Department of History, Anthropology, and Philosophy. He and his family (except for the oldest son, who just started college) live in the northern part of Hall County. Fascinated by medieval and military history, Glen also likes to go hiking, spend time with his wife and kids, and reminisce about his days as a jouster at the renaissance festival.

Thinker. Listener and learner. Lover of history, old movies, and outdoor adventure (even if it hurts).