There’s much to be said for the dog days of summer. While it’s often sweltering hot, it’s also a time when many people take vacations and stock up on much-deserved rest and relaxation. People are out of the office. Families are traveling. It’s a time where, for many businesses, things are s-l-o-w. Come August, it’s usually time to hit the ground running and get business humming again.

But what about those last three months? Wouldn’t it be ideal to keep engagement going, so you’re not starting back at square one in August? Driving customer engagement during these slow months isn’t as difficult – or expensive – as some may think. Consider these tips to keep your brand top-of-mind this summer:

Launch a Facebook Contest – Sky’s the limit when it comes to Facebook contests. Consider a sweepstakes where people can enter to win a desired prize – perhaps some branded swag or the latest consumer gadget or must-have. For a more visual campaign, create a photo contest that allows fans to submit photos or vote on their favorite images. Get creative and find a way to add your brand’s unique touch to the contest and encourage your followers to share it with their friends. Leveraging a third-party tool is an excellent way to help increase your fan base and spread your message. Plus, the tool can handle administrative tasks like collecting email addresses and randomly selecting winners. Win-win.

Offer a Promotion – Let’s face it; we all need some extra motivation during the summer. Your customers aren’t any different. Sweeten the deal by offering a promotion for a specific service or product. Promotions can be ideal for many clients, especially those with seasonal offerings such as HVAC companies or clothing retailers. Consider offering a discount over the course of a month or promote a new-customer special. Encourage e-newsletter sign-ups by providing a coupon to new subscribers or offer a complimentary add-on for any customer who spends a certain amount.

Give Back – Because the summer months are a bit more relaxed, now is a great time to step outside the office and into your community. Host a community service event where you and your team volunteer with a local organization. Consider partnering on a service project that the organization is already hosting or put together your own day of service. Take to social media to encourage your customers to join you, and don’t forget to take pictures and post about your day’s events. Not only will the community service day serve as a team building opportunity, but it’s also your chance to contribute to a greater good and remind people about the values your brand represents.

While you enjoy some down time this summer, make sure you don’t take a break from your customers. Make a splash that keeps them interested and wanting more. Keeping your customers engaged doesn’t have to be complex or expensive; simply organized and meaningful. It will not only keep your brand in front of them, but it will also give you some competitive momentum come fall.

Written by Maggie Hodges, Marketing Strategist