Website Design & Development

How many times have you looked at a website and decided on your relationship with that organization just because of what you saw or read?

The internet is a source of information for all of us in the digital age. How you craft and present that information – especially on your website – is critical on a crowded platform where everyone is vying for attention. According to Google – of the four marketing activities where most businesses first interact with a customer, three of them are on the internet!

Meeting people at their point of need online is just as important as the story you tell once they find you. That’s why Forum is committed to providing custom websites that tell your business or organization’s story in the best way possible. A website is a necessary business tool, whether you’re a nonprofit looking to generate support, a start-up seeking broader awareness or a mid-size business wanting to increase sales.

Our experienced and intelligent website design and development team will creatively customize your website based on your needs, budget and goals – all while ensuring you have a website that works for you.

Standard website features include:

  • Mobile friendly design
  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Custom design and layout
  • Search engine friendly development
  • User experience analysis
  • Site mapping and architecture 

Our full-service team is also prepared to assist with everything from copy writing to logo redesign and package it all together in a functional, professional website. And to help ensure that your website gets the attention it deserves, we put in the legwork, researching key search terms related to your organization and its pursuits. We then sculpt your website copy around these key terms, so that when potential customers and clients go looking for a service or product that you provide, your site stands out from the glut of information available on the internet. 

It is very easy to get lost out there on the web. And our practices help ensure that your site stands out in the right ways. Let’s face it, not all websites are created equal. Let the Forum team help you make a great first impression.