Matt Dubnik

Chief Engagement Officer

Matt leads the company’s operational and technical strategies, engaging clients where they are, to create experiences that foster long-lasting client success. Matt manages and implements growth solutions through assessment of client needs, helps clients understand strategic direction to be implemented by Forum, and guides the growth of a client’s key performance indicators. Matt brings his decade-plus experience in sales, operations and “personal” engagement skills to our team.

Matt is our big picture guy, or as we like to call him, the “man at the whiteboard”.  With so much of what we do being focused on the details, it’s imperative that we have someone around to keep focus on the big picture and overall goals of our clients.  Matt takes on that role and brings a logical business approach to client needs while staying astutely attuned to ROI and the bottom line.

Matt also leads fundraising support for our nonprofit clients, and serves as the lead on our outsourced campaign management service offering for political candidates.  With a management degree from Georgia Tech, there’s no one more fitting for this role, especially since so many small businesses and nonprofits thrive off of experience, sound business advice and advancement of core marketing strategies.  Matt works with the team to plant strong business growth initiatives throughout the strategic planning process.

Organized. Brand Advocate. Lover of ducks and dogs.

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