Everyone, meet Molly. Molly, meet everyone.

Here at Forum, we welcome learning. Whether it be through mentorship, research, shadowing or internship, we believe the best way to grow and succeed is to take time to share your talents with others and learn a little something along the way.

Our spring intern, Molly, was not the typical intern. She isn’t shy or timid to give her great opinions. She is grounded in who she is and what she believes. And she brings a laid back, yet meticulous style to her work that kept us feeling cool, calm and collected no matter the deadline or project. Not only was she a tremendous help with research and social media, she also brought a fresh perspective to a lot of our projects. We figured it just wasn’t fair to keep her cool factor a secret, so we decided to do an intern interview to introduce you to our Dawggone good intern, Molly.

Name: Molly Gay
School: University of Georgia
Major: Marketing

Describe yourself in one word.

What type of food, drink or activity gets your creative juices flowing?
Coffee. My brain doesn’t turn on unless I’ve had coffee.

What’s your personal motto right now?
To take advantage of every opportunity I am given and to enjoy every moment of college.

What led you to this industry?
I love meeting and interacting with people, and I wanted to work in an environment where my work days are never the same, and there is always something new to learn and different experiences and interactions to have.

What living creative person do you admire most? Why?
Zac Brown, because he has such natural musical talent and comes from such a humble background. He is so passionate about what he does and writes beautiful music and lyrics that I always feel like I can relate to. He stays true to who he is and doesn’t seem to get caught up in the fame.

What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Stepping outside my comfort zone and discovering my love for travel through two different study abroad trips, visiting a total of eight countries around the world.

What were some of the main things you did while interning with Forum?
Industry research for various clients, ad space research, and social media and blog post writing.

What was your favorite thing about interning with Forum?
Being able to do work for a variety of different clients in all types of industries and learn about the different aspects of marketing in each industry.

What creative talent would you most like to have?
Musical Talent (of some kind).

What’s your favorite hobby at the moment?
I love spending time with my friends and family on the lake, or in the North Georgia Mountains.

What’s on your to-do list for 2015?
Enjoy every moment of my job out West this summer, cheer the Georgia Bulldogs to a national championship in the fall, and decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Thanks for all of your help this semester Molly.
Keep on keepin’ on!