The holidays offer businesses a unique time to pause and give thanks for the year. To reach out to clients in appreciation, gratitude and good cheer with gifts, goodies and heart-felt thank yous. Although it is always true “it is the thought that counts”, in this crowded marketplace, another fruitcake is just not going to cut it. You should take advantage of this opportunity to say thanks but to also continue the conversation.

This year, Forum put its creativity to the test. In 2014, Forum helped more than 45 businesses, and not-for-profits, find their voice in a crowded marketplace. So we got to thinking, what better way is there to keep a conversation going than kind words over a hot cup of joe? Not only did we custom design a holiday card for all our clients, but for our ongoing clients, we custom designed a box of coffee, goodies and treats.

Of course, we did not stop there. Goodies alone were not enough…that is when our marketing brains really got cranking, and after the purchase of the company’s first branding iron, we began to take branding ourselves quite literally.

So this year we even found a way to brand a box. Next year, who knows? What we do know is that we did not let the holidays pass us by without taking an opportunity to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to those businesses we worked with in 2014 while capitalizing on a creative way to continue the conversation and continue the fun.