Here at Forum, we use any reason to celebrate. Today, March 14th, is National Pi Day—a day we celebrate the Greek letter “Π” that symbolizes the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Pi represents a constant, and in today’s ever changing world, we think constants should be commended. Which is why we are celebrating a client who has had continuous success that is absolutely worth celebrating (especially on a day as fitting as this one!). So, today, we’re celebrating the mathematical Pi, but we’re also celebrating savory pie –Buttermilk Pie!

buttermilk-pie-logoWe recently had the honor of working with Amanda Wilbanks, owner of Buttermilk Pie Company, as she was preparing to bake 200 of her specialty pies to be served in the club suites at the Governor’s Inaugural Gala in January. The Inaugural black tie affair drew a crowd of hundreds from all across the state to celebrate Governor Nathan Deal’s recent reelection. We were thrilled when we heard that Buttermilk Pie Company was invited to be a part of the celebration and get the opportunity to share its mouthwatering pies with the rest of The Peach State.

With such a big event coming up, came a big opportunity to showcase Buttermilk Pie Company’s brand. Even though the melt-in-your-mouth pies speak for themselves, Amanda reached out to us for help designing a brand showcase piece to affix to all of the pristinely packaged pies, so she could share the heart and history of her company with Gala attendees.

The feedback we heard from the event was nothing shy of sensational. The savory pies were a huge hit among Georgia legislators, senators, musicians and community members alike (not that we were surprised). In fact, word-of-mouth got around, and Buttermilk Pie Company is now selling pies at Lucy’s Market in Buckhead.

We’d like to send a warm congratulations to Buttermilk Pie Company for it’s constant success so far, and all that’s yet to come. Thank you for sharing your indulgent desserts, and giving us the opportunity to help you spread the word.

Now…if you’ll excuse us, it’s time to celebrate life — with pie of course!

How are you celebrating National Pi Day? Go to Buttermilk Pie Company and pick out your sweet treat for the day!