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Plated food from White Sulfur Farms.



White Sulphur Farms is a multi-generational family farm located just outside of Gainesville, Ga., that offers premium and grass-fed meats via online order. Boasting almost 400 acres of fields and forests, the farm raises Belted Galloway beef and Tamworth and Berkshire pork in an all-natural, low-stress environment. All the farm’s meats are completely hormone-free, resulting in a product that is distinctly flavorful and juicy. Since the late 1990s, White Sulphur has offered their products to clients, yet the farm was unknown to the digital customer. While focusing on the future, the farm also wanted to ensure that their customers understood how the farm’s rich family heritage created their modern presence.

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White Sulfur Farms branded image and brand colors.



While several customers in the Gainesville area knew and loved the meats produced by White Sulphur Farms, they were largely an unknown to a wider market both here in north Georgia and throughout the digital marketplace. They needed a visibility to raise awareness of both their presence and product. Therefore, we built a brand and developed a website that articulated the family story- one of the heritage of the farm since 1802.

Just as important, we detailed the characteristics and unique aspects of Belted Galloway cattle and Tamworth pigs, while providing potential customers with straightforward access to the product. Forum Communications started from scratch in creating an online presence and brand for White Sulphur Farms. It is a presence that weds heritage with the understanding of a modern approach to high-end food products.


White Sulfur Farms business card design

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Drawing on the long tradition of family involvement on White Sulphur Farms we drew literal reflections of what makes them stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. By digitizing handmade pencil drawings by the Forum team, we provided White Sulphur Farms’ website with an inimitable look and feel that matches the feeling one gets from walking around the farm’s lush surroundings.

We also utilized professional photography to help support and create that sense of place, as well as to show potential customers what they may expect from their orders. By creating a distinguished and recognizable look for their packaging to further enforce their branding, we successfully drenched the Farm’s brand voice and visual identity in the Farm’s character.

Finally, we launched a concerted media and publicity campaign to help raise the visibility of White Sulphur Farms’ presence. As the farm wanted both to increase their online presence and encourage in-person visits, we were sure to make its physical presence known throughout the region in which it dwells. In the age of agri-tourism, it is important to set yourself apart in both experience and quality, and Forum Communications efforts in digital, product packaging, and publicity created a multi-faceted approach to ensure that achievement.

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White Sulfur Farms branding on multiple mediums.

White Sulfur Farms meat being prepared for a meal

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