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Since 1996, Longstreet Clinic built a sterling reputation based on quality care and a wide range of innovative and accessible healthcare options. And while this pursuit brought the Clinic a large patient base, the region in which they are located – north Georgia – was expanding rapidly. Many of the new residents learned by word-of-mouth recommendation and physician referral of Longstreet Clinic’s qualities. However, studies show that 80 percent of patients use the internet to make healthcare decisions. Longstreet Clinic recognized the importance of their online presence both for attracting patients, but also in being a credible source for health information in the community. The new site needed to be user-friendly and embody the essence of Longstreet’s comprehensive approach to care.

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Forum Communications surveyed patients and providers to find out what the three biggest questions that a patient or potential patient has during a visit to Longstreet Clinic’s website. We determined those to be: What are Longstreet’s specialties? Who are their doctors? And where are their locations? Longstreet Clinic’s prior site was outdated and fractured with many competing messages. Therefore, Forum Communications designed and constructed an eye-pleasing website based on harmony – and a user experience that answered those three questions. The new site seamlessly incorporates all 19 specialties as well as a homepage section on the front page to share the latest news and health related information to the community.. Longstreet’s prior site was also not mobile friendly, and we determined that, in fact, most of the clinic’s web traffic comes from mobile devices. So, we put an emphasis on our responsive design, mobile navigation, and updated search engine optimization efforts.





Site mapping and internal linking was extremely important in building and creating Longstreet Clinic’s website. Therefore, we meticulously mapped out how all 19 specialties would be presented and how visitors would discover them. Each specialty clinic now has its own section and is presented as just one part of a whole, rather than competing for eyeballs on the page. Forum also placed a simple search tool that takes precedent on the front page. This highlight – which is especially purposeful for mobile users – makes it easy to discover what you are seeking. There is a doctor search function, by name, location, or specialty. And there is also a specialty search button that allows you to immediately browse all the services on offer. And because we realize that healthcare is constantly changing (physicians are hired, technology accelerates, new locations are opened, new treatments are adopted), our developers also built custom tools into the site so that the site may be easily customized or adapted throughout the site.

In terms of results, since the site’s launch, month over month website traffic has increased more than 50% and organic search traffic has improved more than 100%. Also, since the site does a much better job of bringing the right users to the right pages of content, website conversions have increased nearly 500%!!

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