Branding and Social Media Campaigns

Kids Dentistry print and brochure examples.



Kid’s Dentistry is a specialty practice dedicated to making a trip to the dentist both enjoyable and fun for kids of all ages and needs while also ensuring they receive the utmost in dental healthcare. Two dentists and a dedicated staff offer therapies that include traditional preventative and diagnostic procedures, along with restorative and surgical services.

With two locations in north Georgia – Gainesville and Flowery Branch – Kid’s Dentistry practices in a very competitive environment that includes several established competitors offering similar services. Therefore, Kid’s Dentistry must work to maintain a distinct and well-known brand. To do this they required a consistent and unified message that ranged a spectrum of branding and marketing aspects. 



Knowing that Kid’s Dentistry is all about making young patients feel at ease while keeping them healthy, Forum Communications embarked on a graphically based approach that would appeal both to the patient and to the parent or guardian choosing their care. To that end, we developed several advertising and branding campaigns centered around both logos and/or photographs.

Our experience and past research informed us as to what colors and logos would be popular with both parent and child alike, and so we honed in on those combinations in both print ads and social media campaigns. We also implemented contests and completed patient spotlights on social media to help increase engagement with current  and potential patients and their families. All of this was completed under the unifying theme that trips to Kid’s Dentistry are not scary but rather a fun and easy experience for everyone involved.

Kids Dentistry flyer examples.




Kids Dentistry social media graphics



Forum Communications constructed the “Say Cheese!” campaign around print ads, a full color brochure and a series of social media posts. Included in each was a photograph of a current Kid’s Dentistry patient bearing a broad smile with the tagline, “Go ahead…Smile Big!” This approach worked well on social media platforms, as current patients did indeed appreciate seeing themselves highlighted. Meanwhile, potential patients saw the care and enjoyment that Kid’s Dentistry patients experienced. We also purchased targeted ads on Google to help drive traffic to their website and encourage new patients’ families to call about dentistry services.

During Kid’s Dentistry time with Forum, they’ve driven an impressive click through rate more than 4x the national average and an $11 cost per conversion – where the national average for new patient acquisition can range from $150 – $300 per patient. The approach was so successful, that we engaged in another round of “Say Cheese!” style advertising in 2019. This one was called “Big smiles begin here!” Throughout our relationship, Forum also engaged in social media-based contests in which there were rewards for new patient referrals to Kid’s Dentistry. We also utilized Facebook to produce patient spotlights, and through these organic types of posts we massively increased engagement on the Kid’s Dentistry Facebook page. Kid’s Dentistry is all about an inviting, warm, welcoming, and, above all, fun atmosphere, and so we incorporated that feeling in every piece of advertising and branding campaign that we produced.

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