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Founded in Austin, Texas, in 2017, AYRO began its life as a company intent on designing and producing all-electric delivery vehicles. However, after bringing on a new CEO, AYRO underwent a complete revolution in both what it produced and its manufacturing standards – and AYRO wanted a completely new brand voice that reflected this invigorated commitment and space in the marketplace. Because of Forum Communication’s work with a previous company (which also produced innovative, environmentally conscious vehicles), Forum was approached about crafting AYRO’s rebrand. That included all forms of marketing, including website, social media, public relations, print collateral and beyond. AYRO’s wholly unique design and commitment to the SchlägerNull™ approach – a design philosophy that enables its vehicles’ to exist in, traverse, or observe a physical space without altering that space or leaving any trace of presence upon departure – had to be front and center while ensuring potential customers of its quality, reliability and functionality as a means of on-campus mobility, last-mile delivery, and micro distribution.

AYRO Vanish vehicle

A New Brand Mark


AYRO tire



We built a new brand based on quality, cutting-edge environmental design, and a commitment to vision unparalleled in the low speed electric vehicle market. This new brand was designed to erase AYRO’s prior brands, which related to either a completely different type of vehicle or one that did not meet the performance and quality standards of the revamped AYRO approach. To that end, we worked hand-in-hand with AYRO’s marketing and leadership team to better understand their industry, their past, their new vision, and the way forward. All of this was focused around AYRO’s new vehicle – the Vanish – a utility low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) unlike any on the market. A vehicle that is reliable, built from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, capable of a wide variety of loads and tasks, safe, comfortable, and is sustainable like no other delivery vehicle, the Vanish is the core of AYRO’s mission.



When building – or rebuilding a brand – it is imperative to construct a concept that is built around:

  • Message
  • Archetype
  • Tone
  • Look

To that end, we drilled down to the essence of AYRO and helped to determine exactly what they are and what they represent. That included a cutting-edge and clean look that balances with a commitment to environmental consciousness. For while AYRO is excited about its design and innovation, it does so because of a commitment to sustainability, not just technology for technology’s sake. Forum also wanted to be sure that customers and potential customers understood the unique thought-process and work that goes into SchlägerNull™ approach. That meant that education was a key component of branding and messaging. Forum also needed to ensure that the myriad uses of the Vanish were obvious to potential customers.

AYRO Color Palette




Forum Communications helped take a brand with new direction and make it beautiful again via partnership and a dedicated strategic plan. Forum started with a visual and messaging platform that outlined the art behind AYRO’s engineering prowess. That platform was then expanded upon in building content for the brand, its launch of the AYRO Vanish, and materials for dealers, partners, and now future AYRO products. In addition, AYRO’s strategy is heavily weighted in public relations – telling the story of a rapidly expanding brand with endless opportunity. Through those efforts, we’ve landed several articles detailing the Vanish and AYRO in trade and industry magazines, including numerous features in Electrek (the world’s leading electric vehicle publication) as well as features and mentions in Charged Magazine (the leading electric vehicle engineering magazine), TechCrunch, Medium, and many more. We also energized their social media presence and began to carve out a niche for them as the leaders in quality innovation in a competitive marketplace.

AYRO PR placements

AYRO dealer assets mockup

Vanish Flyer Mockup



AYRO has won a number of awards since the launch of the AYRO Vanish including the coveted RedDot Design Award and Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award in 2023 as well as the PGA Show Best New Product Award in 2024. In addition, the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts recognized AYRO and Forum Communications with a w3 award for its new website. The w3 awards noted AYRO’s new website with a silver award in the General websites – Environmental and Sustainability category.

AYRO multi-device mockup

AYRO Vanish door

PGA Show 2024 AYRO

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