In 2006, John Mayer wrote the song, “Waiting on the World to Change.” The world embraced the catchy tune and identified with its message, helping the song to climb the billboard charts. A decade after the song was released, we began to wonder: Are we still waiting by for the world to change?

We decided to do a little research to see where the world stands, particularly with charitable giving in the nonprofit realm. Statistics for nonprofits in the U.S can speak for a large amount of Americans, and judging by the facts, we believe the wait is over; change (for the better) is happening.

Take a look at this nifty chart to see some of our key findings:

Our Summary
People aren’t sitting around and waiting. People are taking action, now, more so than ever before.

Donations to nonprofits have increased every year for the past five years. As we leave the past economic recession further and further behind, we can expect that these donations will continue to increase. With nonprofits also taking advantage of technology and a growing donor base, we can hope for exponential growth of good things being done locally, nationally and globally.
In fact, the main hold up when it comes to nonprofits’ success lies in their communication strategy and their ability to raise awareness using the appropriate communication tools for each target donor demographic. That’s where we come in. Forum helps nonprofits find their voice in a crowded marketplace. We help identify target markets and craft effective messaging across appropriate platforms that calls donors to action and ignites passion for helping the greater good.

We’re no longer waiting for the world to change. The world is changing, and nonprofits need to keep progressing to be sure to engage donor bases and support the change their donors are willing to give (pun intended).

So if you’re a nonprofit and are looking to capitalize on the charitable giving movement that’s happening as we climb out of the recession, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help craft effective, powerful messaging strategies to help your nonprofit find successful change today.

Congratulations do-gooders out there. The wait is over.

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