Angie Wordsmith…I mean Highsmith!

By Forum Communications

Angie Highsmith joined the team in June 2014 as our first Creative Strategist and Chief Wordsmith! Armed with a passion for words and a love for what we do, she set off helping clients find their voice in a crowded marketplace. Angie has not only been a vital member of the team, but she has proven herself as a visionary and leader in the company since day one. Her love and passion for our work, coupled with her dedication to our clients, have helped build Forum Communications to where it is today and for that we are eternally grateful.

Although Angie has recently spread her wings to utilize her talents for other endeavors, our gratitude and gratefulness for what she did at Forum will not soon be forgotten.

Cheers to you Angie! The Forum team wishes you well as you travel down a new road in life! We will miss your cleaver creativity, exuberant enthusiasm, and positive passion.

– The Forum Team