Charters Embry

Account Manager

Professional Headshot of Charters Embry

Charters recently graduated from the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business with a B.B.A. in Marketing and an emphasis in Digital Marketing. She began her time with us as a digital marketing intern in 2020 and started her career with us as a Junior Account Manager in 2021. Charters has strengthened her digital marketing skills, as well as developed management and communication skills that have allowed her to succeed in creating and implementing strategic marketing plans for clients.

Charters is involved in all aspects of a client account management, ranging from brainstorming, messaging, and branding ideas, to creating content for social media and email marketing. She works closely with our Senior Account Manager and creative teams to ensure everything is done properly and is working well for the client. Charters has a passion for creating relationships and is dedicated to making sure each client finds their unique identity.

Optimist. Passionate. Lover of Country Music and Charcuterie Boards.

In Case No One Has Told You

Charters EmbryMay 4, 2022
Mental health is a part of being human. It is in every aspect of our lives and can affect how we feel, think, and act. So, if our mental...
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