Northeast Georgia Locally Grown

The Challenge

Northeast Georgia Locally Grown (NGLG) had a limited amount of grant funding available for marketing. Due to a fairly limited budget, we worked together to explore grassroots marketing options that would provide the most targeted message to the demographic most likely to utilize their services. The only online farmers market in town, not only did we need to announce NGLG’s presence, but we needed to educate potential customers on the process of the marketplace. They also needed a fresh and appealing branding package to create a consistent presence within the marketplace.

How We Helped

NGLG came to us as a relatively new, start-up nonprofit in North Georgia. Having only entered the Hall County market the year prior, NGLG was looking to solidify its brand awareness and educate families living in Hall County about the service they provide in order to grow their marketplace.

“Forum Communications was exactly what we were looking for: rooted in community, always available, easy to work with and equipped with all the skills needed to make a splash on our available budget.”

Andrew Linker

– Northeast Georgia Locally Grown

All in the Details

First, we worked to develop a new logo for NGLG. It needed to be professional, rustic, urban and cool, yet indicative of the service they provide. After developing the brand, we created business cards for their marketplace managers. For their newest market, Gainesville, we designed square cards with 20 different farm images. Provided by the actual farms connected with NGLG, the images visually reinforce the fact that they are the connection to fresh, local food and produce.

Next we created marketing collateral pieces including a brochure, pull-up banners, event posters, gift certificates and a direct mailer. The pull-up banners were to be used at each marketplace and also with partner businesses such as restaurants, churches and fitness centers around town on a traveling basis to spread the word about the marketplace. In addition, we connected them to community functions where they did everything from hosting booths to donating baskets of produce as door prizes or silent auction items to continue building that brand presence.

We also helped develop functional tools of the business into marketing opportunities such as obtaining a decal for their food trailer, which drives up and down major interstates and highways every week delivering food. Additionally, we collaborated with Gainesville High School students to develop chalkboard signs to announce the market from the road on marketplace days.

It was an honor to be involved with this movement’s development in Hall County at a time when the importance of fresh, local and organic foods is becoming more widely understood and mainstream.

What We Accomplished

Capital Campaign Branding

Key Message Development

Collateral Development

Annual Report Design

Event Coordination

Media Relations