Georgia OBGyn Foundation

The Challenge

In an effort to enhance the delivery of health care to women in the state, the Georgia OBGyn Foundation was founded in 2015 with the goal of providing collaborative solutions for obstetrical & gynecological needs. In 2016 the young Foundation needed to raise awareness about its existence as well as healthcare issues facing women across the state of Georgia.

How We Helped

After assisting the board with planning and visioning in 2014 and 2015, we developed and implemented a creative communications plan to spread the Foundation’s message and goals. Understanding that fundraising would play a key role in the organization’s impact and future, Forum also needed helped developed collateral to highlight problems and proposed solutions for issues such as a shortage of OBGyn physicians and rural access to care that contributes to a state ranked near the bottom in maternal mortality nationally.

"Forum helped our leadership put their ideas and concepts into a vision and plan that others could understand and relate to. They took our raw material and melded it into a real and worthwhile foundation. They are a very pleasant and professional group of creative individuals. We would not have gotten off the ground without their help. "

Pat Cota

– Executive Director, Georgia OBGyn Society

All in the Details

Georgia OBGyn Society’s Executive Director Pat Cota helped identify 10 critical healthcare issues facing women in the state, as well as the measurable outcomes and funding needed to tackle these problems. With that data in hand, Forum created a visually appealing 20-page booklet highlighting each issue while telling a impactful story about the healthcare challenges facing the future of women and children in Georgia. Using high resolution images and original infographics, we designed a booklet that will be an asset to raising money across the state.

In addition Forum created social media accounts and e-mail templates in order to spread news and needs related to the Foundation, but we found ourselves somewhat limited by the Foundation’s minimal and antiquated web presence. Our team designed and developed a clean, responsive website for the Georgia OBGyn Society, where the Foundation has home for spreading its message and accepting donations.

What We Accomplished

Organizational Visioning and Planning

Logo Design

Collateral Development & Design

Content Creation

Creative Communications

User-Friendly Website