Gateway Domestic Violence Center

The Challenge

Founded in 1982 to help make a positive impact on the fight against domestic violence in Hall County, Gateway’s name and logo had become easily recognizable in the community to both supporters as well as survivors of domestic violence. We were challenged to not only create a new logo for the organization that was clean and fresh, but also recognizable. In addition, the client wanted a new, user friendly website for supporters/potential donors as well as victims looking for vital information.

How We Helped

The logo we created kept key characteristics of the previous logo but was a complete update from the previous boxed-in logo. The leaves continue to represent growth and rebirth. The vine, changed to a branch, is a symbol of support. “Gateway,” as many in the community refer to the organization, is now the most prominent word in the logo, an emphasis that also speaks to what it represents for survivors of domestic violence – an opportunity for a new, abuse-free life.

Gateway’s new, responsively designed website is a complete update, with user-friendly navigation and easy-to-find information about services, resources, support groups and tips for recognizing signs of domestic violence. The site also features a secure donation tool that allows visitors to make a contribution with a few simple steps. A prominent “Safe Exit” button keeps at-risk visitors safe by quickly redirecting to Google when clicked.