The Challenge

Ryan Sawyer, a United States Marine Corps Veteran, founded Biotrauma, Inc. in 2005 while serving in Iraq. Since its inception, the company has revolutionized the crime and trauma remediation industry in the southeastern US, become nationally recognized and helping thousands of families cope with trauma and return home safely. Now, with his wife – and marketing maven – Britt, they sought out a digital marketing partner to assist them with navigating the communications opportunities provided through Google Ads.

Our Services
How We Helped

Biotrauma sought to begin targeting consumers searching for their services within a geographic radius of their physical location. Our team developed an ongoing pay per click (PPC) campaign to help drive prospective clients to their website. In addition, we set up analytical tracking efforts to be able to report back to Biotrauma, by either name or geolocation, which calls generated a return on their marketing investment.

All in the Details

First, we completed research to understand how users, in their geographic target, searched for their services. That information was then used to create Google Ads campaigns to promote their offering to those searching for related terms.

As we continued our relationship, and while the initial efforts were effective, we wanted to advance our tracking. Using a third-party call tracking service, we added the ability to track calls from our ads and the website to better determine the user’s typical path to conversion. From this, we’ll continue to both optimize their PPC campaign and begin to provide an explanation as to how users use their website before making the first phone call.

Because of their openness to new ideas and advance tracking opportunities, partnering with clients like Biotrauma makes our work a lot of fun.

What We Accomplished

Pay Per Click Advertising

Marketing Dashboarding

Results Tracking