2 Dog Restaurant

The Challenge

2 Dog, a hometown restaurant owned by husband-and-wife team Tim and Tina Roberts, opened its doors to the Gainesville community in 1997 and has been offering a unique approach to dining ever since. As they prepared to move into their 20th year, they knew they wanted to update their logo and website to reflect 2 Dog’s eclectic atmosphere and commitment to providing quality, yet comfortable, dining.

How We Helped

To mark their 20th anniversary, the client wanted a new look to carry them into the next 20 years. Thus, we began a rebranding effort to design a logo highlighting their creative, fresh and unique approach to dining while showcasing the client’s modern and urban style. To complete the rebranding process, we applied the logo to business cards, menus, apparel and a new responsive website designed and developed by the Forum team.  

"Coming from a background of 'do it yourself to get it right,' I was more than skeptical about using an agency to relate my own ideas across to my customers at 2 Dog. However, as we approached our 20th year of business, I had more than I could handle, and the idea of rebranding our restaurant myself was simply overwhelming. It was time for a new look, and I needed help. The Forum team was patient and guided me with a gentle push towards what I didn’t even know I wanted. From the logo design and responsive website to the rubber stamps I use for my paper bags, I was so pleased. More than that, I was free from sitting in front of my computer during the midnight hours trying to do it all myself with pitiful results. 2 Dog has already experienced additional traffic in the first few months after unveiling Forum’s wonderful attention grabbing designs. Trust is so important for how we do business at our home town restaurant. Forum is a company I trust to have our best interest in mind. "

Tina Roberts

– Owner, 2 Dog Restaurant

All in the Details

2 Dog’s atmosphere and the food it serves are a direct reflection of their passion for serving others well and their belief that quality, fresh products are the first step to great food. We quickly gained an understanding of the experience they desire to create at their restaurant, and it was clear that their creative and fresh style needed to be front and center. Knowing the client’s love for texture and plans to incorporate the logo across various media including a graffiti wall, we created a logo keeping true to the original vision of two dogs while modernizing the brand with a design that exudes the spirit of the 2 Dog experience.

We finalized the rebranding process by bringing the brand alive through a new responsive website. 2 Dog is known for its fresh, quality ingredients served in an environment perfect for a quick meal or a relaxing date night. Through a coordinated photo shoot, we captured the spectacular flavors and hometown atmosphere with imagery. With pictures of the restaurant experience and of menu items that look as delicious online as in person, visitors quickly know they are invited to pull up a seat, have a drink and savor 2 Dog’s unique approach to serving great food. 

What We Accomplished

Logo & Brand Mark Development

Website Design & Development

Photo Shoot Coordination

Collateral Design including: 

  • Business Cards
  • Stickers
  • T-shirts
  • Hats

Content Creation