Leah Wochele


As a designer, Leah is responsible for producing effective designs and creative solutions alongside our Creative Director. Leah has a keen sense for the details in design, while maintaining the ability to see the big picture. Her love for design is rooted in the meticulous study of typography and has grown into deep appreciation for the power that type and image have in communicating to the world. While she studied graphic design, her love and appreciation for the fine arts is unwavering. Growing up in a home full of creativity, Leah finds comfort and inspiration in putting brush to canvas, as well as charcoal to paper. She feels that it is important to incorporate her foundation in the fine arts to become a successful designer.

Leah has a deep understanding of the way that a brand can transform a company and its market, and she is excited dive head first into the process that makes such an impact on the world around us. Leah hopes to utilize her design and development skills to make a positive difference in our community. If she has learned anything in her experience as a designer and artist, it is that she has the ability to facilitate change in a meaningful and creative manner.

Positive thinker. Brand groupie. Lover of dogs, movies, and all things dessert.