Strong Gaddy Lee Wealth Management Group

The Strong Gaddy Lee Wealth Management Group of Wells Fargo Advisors is an advisory practice with more than 50 years combined industry experience. Strong Gaddy Lee’s wealth management services go beyond just investment guidance but equate operating as a client’s personal Chief Financial Officer. They have a specialized team that partners with clients to fit together the pieces of their financial lives and help with wealth and risk management needs.


Strong Gaddy Lee Wealth Management Group approached Forum to write and produce a marketing brochure to use in explaining their services and planning process, and to attract new clients. As we discussed their marketing strategy, it became apparent that they host a number of client appreciation events and participate as a community sponsor in many events. We determined it also would be helpful to create two pull-up banners to reinforce their planning process and branding at these functions.


Taking care and helping to develop plans for other people’s money is a serious business. It is extremely personal, and for many people overwhelming, which is exactly why you would place your trust in a group like Strong Gaddy Lee Wealth Management, who has the expertise to help you manage your financial life. A highly regulated field of practice, we needed to portray the group’s professionalism, experience and expertise while still making it understandable, tangible and relatable to the client.

The Result

We developed two themes to describe the services they provide: puzzle pieces and dreams. At the end of the day, the services of Strong Gaddy Lee Wealth Management Group allow you to fit together the pieces of your financial life to help you achieve your dreams, whatever they may be. We developed a square eight-by-eight-inch, three-panel brochure that exudes professionalism and is visually appealing. It introduces the team’s services as well as details some of their financial processes but tells the story in a conversational and easily understood way.

In addition we developed two pull-up banners for them to use at events, meetings and community functions. The dream pull-up banner is to reinforce branding as well as the ultimate end game for clients – helping achieve your dreams. The second, corporate banner depicts the group’s planning process and was designed as an educational tool for meetings and client events.