Packing Pink

Packing Pink strives to develop educated, responsible gun owners by providing a supportive environment for women to learn pistol basics and gain confidence using firearms. Based in Clermont, Georgia, Packing Pink offers classes that cover multiple uses of guns from protection to recreational shooting to hunting for women of all ability levels, from beginner to advanced, all in a fun atmosphere.


Founder Anna Van Nostrand grew up in a family whose traditions included shooting, hunting and enjoying the great outdoors. Her passion for those pastimes and her desire to help other women become comfortable and confident around firearms led her to create Packing Pink. She needed a brand and a marketing plan – everything from crafting the message and creating awareness to developing printed and digital collateral.


While the aim of Packing Pink is to help women overcome fears and create new skills for fun and protection, Packing Pink is about more than just shooting. We were challenged to create a statement, a slogan, which illustrated the entire mission. Once created, we needed to successfully communicate the Packing Pink message to the correct audience. Packing Pink also wanted help expanding its brand beyond the pistol introduction class originally offered.

The Result

The statement we came up with to illustrate the complete goal of Packing Pink was “Hold Your Own.” To show women that they can gain the knowledge and skills to be comfortable with firearms in any and all situations. Forum helped expand offerings to pistol classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced training levels, as well as classes that engage women in the outdoors, from shooting sporting clays to hunting, as well as cooking classes aimed at preparing their hunting harvest. We created pull-up banners for special events and fundraisers, as well as posters and brochures to create awareness and buzz for Packing Pink’s varied offerings. We also obtained earned media in local publications including a Q&A with Anna in HOME, a magazine about living in Northeast Georgia. Anna also has become a brand ambassador for Bass Pro Shops and Ducks Unlimited, and both organizations are promoting her on their own. Packing Pink is truly realizing its mission of empowering women to be comfortable in their own skin, around guns and to get involved outdoors.

“What Forum has done for me is a million times better

than what I expected! I absolutely love working with Forum. I would never have been able to reach my full potential without your team. I can hardly sleep thinking about what’s next!”


Anna Van Nostrand
Founder of Packing Pink